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well, that's our show, folks. thanks for tuning in. have a terrific tuesday. see you, folks. >> caption colorado, llc good morning. president obama and speaker of the house boehner both tell the nation the other side is asking for too much in the debt limit talks. >> a significant number of republicans in congress are insisting on a different approach. a cuts only approach. an approach that doesn't ask the wealthiest americans or biggest corporations to contribute anything at all. >> the sad truth is that the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> reaction to both speeches. also take a look at whether congress can actually pass anything before next week's deadline. the man who confessed to killing 76 people in norway's twin terror attacks is locked up in solitary confinement as the
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justice minister defends the slow police response to friday's second attack. we will have latest this morning from oslo. a 6-year-old north carolina girl survives being attacked by a shark and set to walk out of the hospital but she will speak with us this morning, along with her parents, to you take about that terrifying ordeal. they join us "early" this morning, july 26th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good tuesday morning to you. i'm erica hill. i'm chris wragge. good to have you back. >> good to be back sitting next to you. >> the nfl lockout is officially over. are you ready for football? >> yes, i am. >> the first training camps will open tomorrow. players and owners say they are happy with the new deal. fans can be thrilled that the season will open on time.
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we will have much more on the blockbuster agreement, what it means for fans. >> what is great about that story there was movement on the story. talk a week off, you think something will happen. not in washington. >> no. >> here we are again. the debt limit debate topping the news. this time with an angry message from the president to the nation. president obama urged congress last night to pass a comprehensive deal to cut spending and raise the nation's debt ceiling saying the entire world is watching this bitter political struggle. cbs news senior white house accordance bill plante has more for us this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica . the likes of which we have rarely seen in this capital for the president it was one of the last cards he has to play. he appealed directly to the american public to tell congress that it wants his plan to cut spending and to cut tax breaks. >> the only reason this balanced approach isn't on its way to becoming law right now, is
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because a significant number of republicans in congress are insisting on a different approach, a cuts only approach, an approach that doesn't ask the wealthiest americans or biggest corporations to contribute anything at all. >> reporter: the president accused republicans in congress of creating a dangerous stalemate which threatens that the nation will run out of money to pay its bills. social security, veteran benefits and government contracts on august 2nd. >> defaulting on our objections is a reckless and irresponsible outcome to this debate. >> reporter: both republicans and democrats won't want to gault and after weeks of negotiating both sides have scaled back their demands. the democrats no longer call for tax increases. the only remaining major difference is the president's demand for a vote to raise the debt ceiling through the 2012 election year. republicans want a second vote on a debt increase next year, which the president says he would veto. last night he appeal for
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compromise saying americans are fed up. >> they are fed up with a town where compromise has become a dirty word. the american people may have voted for a divided government but they didn't vote for a dysfunctional government so i'm asking for us all to make your voice hers. >> reporter: boehner responded the president would not take yes for an answer in their negotiations. >> the sad truth is that the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today and this is just not going to happen. you see, there is no stalemate here in congress. >> reporter: boehner says his bill can pass both the house and the senate. >> if the president signs it, the crisis atmosphere that he has created will simply disappear. >> reporter: the speaker was overheard last night after his speech muttering, "i didn't take this job to go mmono-mono with the president of the united states." it appears it may have had some results. reports last night that web sites that of the speaker and other members of congress were
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overloaded and crashed after the speech. erica? >> bill plante, thanks. joining us here in the studios host of "face the nation" is bob schieffer. good to have you here in person. >> thank you. >> you said something last night you could see the steam coming out of the president's ears. did either the president or speaker boehner accomplish anything last night with those speeches which is kind of unusual for the president to do. >> i'm not sure that they did, quite frankly. it seemed to me what was really underlined last night is just how far apart the two sides are. i mean, there is a divide in the country over what to do about spending and what we want from government and you're seeing that in the congress. the problem, erica, unfortunayo lot of republicans who were elected on the promise of never, ever raising taxes. on the other side, you have a group of democrats who got elected by promising never, ever, to touch any entitlement program, including social
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security. so while the leaders, i think, are ready to make a deal, it's the followers and there are a lot of people who think on both sides who think it would be political suicide to compromise. compromise has become some sort of a dirty word. >> it has. you bring up the fact that the leaders may be ready to compromise. who holds the strings here? is it the parties, not the leaders? >> i'm not sure. i mean, i'm not sure who holds the strings right now. i think that is what is wrong. i mean, speaker boehner can't deliver enough votes to get something that democrats will agree to and by the same token, nor can the president. we have never kind of been in this position before. what has happened here, erica, is that, you know, we have reached the point where it now takes so much money to get elected to the congress that each of these members have to sign off with so many special interest groups before they get to washington. once they are there, they can't
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compromise on anything. their positions are already set in stone. so you have what we have now, a congress that is dysfunctional. >> in many ways, more interested in staying in congress, getting reelected or dealing with that politicking. the hill finding 51% of those polled saying members are unwilling to compromise and 71% saying they are not confident lawmakers will even come to a deal. all your time in washington, you say it's the worst you've seen. is there any chance of a deal here? >> well, i suppose in the end something will be worked out, but it may not be before they reach this deadline, before the government has to start defaulting on its financial obligations. and, i mean, i don't see the path to a deal right now. there may well be one but i see nothing that has been said publicly that indicates that a deal is -- >> does it matter at all if they are so concerned about potential political suicide by compromising? does it matter at all the american voter is fed up with
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most of congress and, in many ways, feels they are holding the economy hostage? >> we say do their the people out there. they hear the people that give them money to finance their campaigns. they hear the people that got them to washington. the question is what about all of the rest of us out here? and i'm not sure they do. >> interesting. some people perhaps, this may be a result of the president's call last night to say, get in touch with your congressman. whether or not they may be backers of the president we saw as bill mentioned some of the sites buckled under that traffic including speaker boehner's. >> well, i mean, that was the president's messch last night in a sentence. obama to the american people, call your congressmen. i'm sure a lot of people will. but i'm sure a lot of people who called their congressman and said, don't do what the president wants to do! the country is very divided right now. >> it is. pretty fed up in many ways. you'll have more of this tonight on the cbs news evening news. >> i would guess. >> bob, thanks. now to the massacre that
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shocked norway. the justice minister praised the police's response to that left 76 people dead. according to his lawyer, the suspect says others around the world ready to follow in his foot steps. jeff glor has the latest. >> reporter: breivik began first full day in solitary confinement today as norwegians rally together. this is not a big country which makes scenes on the streets all the more powerful. flowers still fill the streets of oslo today. it was called the rose march, an extraordinary outpouring of remembrance in downtown oslo spurred first by a single user on facebook. crowds eventually swelled to over 200,000. are you surprised how many people came out? >> no. norway is small country and everyone love each other. >> reporter: it wasn't just norwegians. americans as well. i noticed you came down with both the american flag and the
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norwegian flag. >> yeah, that's correct. >> reporter: support for both countries? i want norwegians to know everyone is supporting them. >> reporter: norway's prime minister said we are heart broken but not letting fear break us. the fear the result of this man who we got a glimpse of on monday. portraying no emotion. police say he has given them additional information he may have worked with two other terror cells both capable of future attacks. for that reason, he'll spend four weeks in solitary with no communication and eight weeks total of initial detention. the attacks he does not deny the massacre at a youth campground where 68 died and the car bombing in oslo which killed eight. breivik thought he could wretch lugsize europe returning it to a land of white christian domination. so far his fellow citizens have shown no interest in that radical plan. breivik's world view is about as extreme as it gets but this tragedy has launched a new
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debate over security in norway where police are rarely armed. the police union here said it would take a new look at possibly changing those rules. in oslo, norway, jeff glor, cbs news. heartbreaking story. betty nguyen is here in with us for jeff. >> good morning. a new study of census data show the recession widened the wealth gap between whites and minority. the average net worth of a u.s. household in 2009 was over 113,000 including retirement accounts and stock holdings. for his span nicks around of 300. 18-1 advantage over hispanics. in 1985 the ratio was roughly 12-1. ford motors just issued its second quarter earnings report this morning. the automaker earned 2.4
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billion, down slightly from the previous quarter. it is ford's ninth straight quarterly profit. the u.s. post office announcing new and deeper service cuts this morning that could include closing up 1 in 10 post offices around the country, most in rural areas. last year, the postal service lost $8 billion. the partial shut down of the faa is a big windfall for most u.s. airlines morning. congress failed to buned the budget for the faa to authorization to collect taxes on airline tickets. other airlines are collecting and keeping about 200 million dollars a week. mcdonald's is announcing big changes to its happy meals today. the "los angeles times" reports the fast food giant will add servings of fruits and veggies to the popular kids meals and the size of the fries will shrink.
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look for the changes in september. denver teenager mauled by a grizzly bear in alaska is describing the attack from his hospital bed. it happened in rugged mountains north of anchorage. 17-year-old sam goten was one of seven teens on a hike for a wilderness course. most got away and sam was lucky to have survived. >> i thought i was going to die in the attack. i was so scared. saw the first person go around the corner and yell bear and started running backwards. and i looked behind me and the bear was behind me so i started running down the hill and it tackled me on the way down. >> sam has a
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shangs so thanks so much. that is your latest weather. one deal got done in washington. there will be an nfl season in september. players representatives yune unanimously approved the deal on monday. >> good news. the nfl opens officially for business today with teams allowed to sign some players and draft choices. and some training camps starting as early as tomorrow. it's the result of a new labor deal that ensures the regular season will start on time. >> reporter: veteran nfl defensive tackle gary gibson all lt 63, 305 pounds of him has been sweating a new labor deal
7:16 am
literally. >> sometimes i'm like worried like what is going on and when is this thing going to get done. >> reporter: on monday it finally did. >> football is back and that is the great news for everybody. >> reporter: over the weekend the two sides worked overtime ironing out details some player reps charged were never discussed. despite the owners voting 31-0 with one in favor of the proposal late last week but now the longest work stoppage in league history seems history. >> even up to the last minute, it required both of us coming together to take a stock of what is important and get the job done. >> reporter: in the big picture, the ten-year agreement splits the league's estimated $9 billion in revenue virtually down the middle. the players averaging at least 47% slightly less than before. for the owners, there's a modest cap on skyrocketing contracts paeed to top rookie draft choices. while the players got stricter limits on off-seasonouts and training camp practices. the league's controversial
7:17 am
demand of 18-game regular season tabled until 2013. >> we think through a ten-year agreement we secured the future of the game and pledge to bring great football to our fans joos at father of a new 3 and a half-month-old son it was great for gibson. the five-year vet is one of some 500 free agents set to enter a whirlwind of trades and players signings as the nfl officially opens for business. months of off-season activity suddenly crammed into a few chaotic weeks. >> i imagine that, you know, it's -- they have got to be all set up, like these guys have been waiting six months to sign people too so i imagine deals are ready to go. >> reporter: a simple majority of the league's 1,900 players are needed for passage and definitely happen. as part of the plan retired players guaranteed about $1 billion more in much-needed pension and health benefits the next decade and that is good news for the men who helped
7:18 am
build this great game. >> they definitely need it and a great measure has passed and free agency, unbelievable couple of days. lots of players out there going to different teams. armen, thanks. good to see you here this morning. ahead, meet a 6-year-old mauled by a shark and she will join us when we come back here on "the early show." chefs today, i feel the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. and that's what they do with great grains cereal. see the seam on the wheat grain? same as on the flake. because great grains steams and bakes the actual whole grain. now check out the other guy's flake. hello, no seam. because it's more processed. now, which do you suppose has better nutrition for you? mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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coming up, a little girl bitten by a shark in north carolina says, you know, i like dolphins better. >> they're much nicer. 6-year-old lucy mangum is okay, recovering from bite wounds to her leg. we'll talk to lucy and her parents when they come back. look at that cast. >> that is a fancy cast. the cat in the hat would like it. >> we'll be right back. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: this portion of
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an east bay manhunt continues this morning... for the suspects who fired at a regional park good morning. 7257. i'm grace lee with your headlines. an east bay manhunt has ramped up this morning for the suspects who fired at a regional park district police officer. that officer was not hit but an armored cars rescued him yesterday evening. the search was suspended when it got dark. a who-year-old woman is -- 40-year-old woman is recovering after being shot in the san francisco north beach area. at 9:30 last night when walking home she was shot in the back. police say she was not the intended target. >> the longest work stoppage in the national football league history is over at four months.
7:26 am
the deal means training camps will begin tomorrow and thursday. and football fans rejoice. we'll get a check of traffic coming up coming up. ,,,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] it has an hd webcam for flattering video chats, awesome audio, and lids that switch to match your mood.
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but mostly it helps me keep an eye on my boyfriend. even though he doesn't know he's my boyfriend. yet. [ male announcer ] powered by the 2nd gen intel core processor family. not just smart. visibly smart. get an inspiron 15r with 6 gig memory and 640 gig hard drive for $599.99 at good morning. let's go out to westbound 580. we have an earlier accident
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with a tow truck symbol. it left a good sized backup. half hour from the altamont pass to 680 and the dublin interchange. 880 to nimitz. bay bridge backed up to the first overcrossing. mass transit is on time. problem-free for much of the morning commute. systemwide on time for bart, ace, muni, caltrain, all look good. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with a check of your forecast. >> elizabeth, look at this camera. rain in the city of san francisco pretty gray out there and low clouds and fog although it's not as thick as was yesterday. by the afternoon, temperatures heating up into the 80s inland. lots of sunshine there, a lot of 60s in the bay. some 70s into san jose. 50s and 60s, patchy fog toward the coastline, warmer days on the way. some 90s in the hottest spots by thursday and friday.
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welcome back to "the early show" on a tuesday morning. most homeowners in the country have seen the value of their homes take a hit but there is one spot real estate prices are going up and up. >> silicon valley near san francisco, the heart of america's high tech culture. for a lot of folks it was a rough few years. if you are selling a home there now, no matter how much you ask for it, there may be somebody ready to pay and maybe pay more. why? we'll head there for a look to see why things are unrolling differently in that part of the country. >> maybe it's all the money at google. >> could be. >> google it. north carolina averages two shark attacks a year but sharks have injured two people there in
7:31 am
the past month alone. the most recent victim, just 6 years old, is ready to leave the hospital. we'll speak with her and her parents but first a look at what happened to them a week ago. in the early evening hours last tuesday the mangum family was enjoying summer vacation when their daughter lucy almost lost her life. the incident took place on a popular vacation spot along north carolina's outer banks on ocracoke island. lucy was riding a boogie board near her parents and sister in a foot and a half of water. she was attacked by what bystanders say was a blackfinish shark. bleeding and in serious pain sh lacerations to her calf, ankle and foot and injury to a major vessel that brings blood supply to the foot and leg.
7:32 am
>> reporter: although rare, shark attacks do occur. so far in 2011, 13 shark attacks have been reported in the united states, none fatal. last month, 10-year-old cassidy cartwright was bitten by a shark on another north carolina beach. >> her leg was just wide open. a lot of blood. >> reporter: coincidentally this youtube video taken two weeks ago on the same island where lucy was attacked shows what is believed to be a black tip reef shark being reeled to shore. sharks and humans often share the same waters but experts say most attacks are a case of mistaken identity. >> sharks really for the most part know what their pray is. they are not out to hunt humans. rarely do they make mistakes. >> reporter: lucy recently told her parents, i hate sharks. i like dolphins way better. joining us now from pitt county hospital in greenville, north carolina are lucy and her
7:33 am
parents jordan and craig. good morning to you. how are you? >> good morning. >> great. >> lucy, i love your cast, first of all. i want to ask you how are you feeling today? are you doing okay? >> mm-hmm. >> answer really loud. >> yes. >> feeling better? that is a great cast. you'll be one of the coolest kids in school. jordan, how scared were you when this went down? you were only ten feet away from lucy when the shark attack happened. how much does this rattle your cage when it happened? >> it was initially when i first saw what happened, i, of course, was afraid. i knew -- but she was talking to me and actually asking questions right after it happened. i guess i just knew she was going to be okay. it was just a question of her leg and if her leg was going to be -- if she was going to be
7:34 am
able to use it. >> what was she saying to you? >> well, she said, am i going to die? i said, absolutely not. you're going to be just fine. she said, am i going to walk, am i going to have a wheelchair? these were questions we couldn't answer right away. but once we made our way up onto the beach after craig joined us she asked if we could say a prayer. so she was pretty stoic through the whole thing. >> that tremendously brave little girl. craig, you are an emergency room physician. how long did it take for you to figure out, okay, do i be dad here or doctor? >> well, so initially i saw the wound and i thought, oh, this is something we can take care of at the little hospital in the outer banks. but as soon as i saw the extent of the wound i realized this thing was way too large and it would have to go to a level 1 trauma center. i immediately kicked into -- i
7:35 am
was father first but realized this is a pretty significant injury. >> she had to be airlifted. they couldn't take the two of you in the chopper. how nerve wracking was it for you to know your daughter who was bitten by a shark was in a helicopter by on her own and it would take four, five hours to get to her? >> i think my background helped there. i had worked in the past with pitt county memorial hospital. i knew they would take care of her when she landed there. i was at ease. i knew she was in good hands. >> jordan, when she does recover and the doctors said it would take six to eight weeks for the achilles injury to recover. are you letting her go back to the water or what? >> definitely. we'll get back on the horse. she loves the beach. >> when you got to figure out what happened could you believe a shark got in that close and attacked your daughter?
7:36 am
>> no. in fact, i think it was probably -- for me, it was two or three days that it just kind of went on a reel in my head what i sad seen. every time i saw, i just shake my head. unbelievable. >> lucy, before we let you go, i know you start 1st grade this fall. are you excited about going to school and telling everybody what you did this summer? >> are you excited about school? >> mm-hmm. >> you just keep smiling. >> yes. >> you are one tough little girl. that's for sure. you are going to be a big hit at show and tell. i can guarantee that. little lucy mangum is in recovery mode. she's got a great cast on. like mom said, can't wait to get back in the water when she recovers. jordan, craig, we appreciate it. we're glad you are here to share your story with us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> we wish you the best. >> thank you.
7:37 am
>> she's adorable. >> one tough little girl. >> she has quite a story for "what i did on my summer vacation." poor kid. >> all the kids will want to see what she went through. >> she's so brave, asking all those questions right after. quite a little lady. another quite a lady joins us with a look at the headlines. it's a good thing you can't relate to the shark attack. >> absolutely. my summer's been good compared to that. good morning to you. the two sides in washington are still at odds this morning over raising the nation's borrowing limit. president obama spoke to the nation last night. he accused republicans in congress of creating a dangerous stalemate that could cause the u.s. to run out of money to pay its bills next week. house speaker john boehner responded saying the president is trying to convince
7:38 am
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♪ visit today. you know that these are dismal times in the nation's housing market, but not everywhere. in a few areas including silicon valley in california, home prices are growing. in some communities there they jumped 24% in the last six months. john blackstone tells us why the real estate market there is truly the exception to the rule. >> reporter: in america's troubled housing market there is one leafy place where people are buying and house prices are
7:43 am
rising like it's 2006 all over again. anything under $1 million is a bargain? >> exactly. >> reporter: katie hammer riggs showed us what less than a million will buy in menlow park, california. >> this is $725,000. >> reporter: i'm sorry. it's a shack. >> yep. >> reporter: it's a shack in the heart of silicon valley. in some parts of the country you would get a mansion for $725,000. >> that's right. this is what you get here. >> reporter: here, the renewed prospect of great wealth growing from young internet companies like facebook, twitter and linkedin is reflected in the housing market. all the new billionaires need a place to live. a prime example of the real estate market here is the five-bedroom house talked behind this gate. it listed for $5 million, sold for $7 million. the buyer, facebook founder mark zuckerberg. >> reporter: people are saying, i don't want to compete with those people when they get their
7:44 am
millions. i want to get in now. >> reporter: for colette llewellyn and her husband that meant signing papers to sell faster than they ever expected. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: their house went on the market monday morning and sold monday afternoon. >> we said, full price? they said, yes, full price. >> reporter: that price, $2.15 million, all cash. >> this is a three bedroom, two-bathhouse in a nice neighborhood. still, that's a lot of money. >> reporter: it could have been more. the market here is so hot sellers often get multiple offers, bidding up the price. >> i didn't go down that road. >> reporter: happy not to be greedy, walk away with just $2 million or so. >> yeah. $2 million. you know. considering what we bought it for 30 years ago it's just mind-boggling. >> reporter: 30 years ago they paid $300,000. the couple who just bought it, forrest mozart and kim my mcgee. >> we knew when we walked in, we
7:45 am
got a house. yep. >> reporter: understand fully why the price is so high. do you blame silicon valley for it? >> absolutely. >> yes. >> too much money here. >> reporter: quite a contrast to the rest of the country drowning in foreclosures and homes that linger unsold for months. here it's just the opposite. lots of eager buyers, few houses. for tucker and amy bine that meant trouble. >> i was pregnant. i thought we had a good six months to find a house before we had the baby. >> reporter: every time they put in an offer, someone else put in a better one. >> we looked for six months, got beat every way, shape and form you could imagine. >> reporter: finally by bidding over the asking price, they got a house. the same week their daughter was born. it looks a lot like what happened across much of the country in 2006 when the housing
7:46 am
bubble inflated, just before it burst. now, silicon valley may be the only place where buyers see a bargain in a $700,000 shack. john blackstone, cbs news, menlo park, california. >> a lot of cash. still ahead this morning, after years of trouble biloxi, mississippi is booming. we'll take you to the gulf coast port bouncing back from hurricane katrina and the bp oil spill. this is "the early show" on cbs. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli and tender white meat chicken. lean cuisine. to talk about our blueberry juice drinks. they're made with my sweet, ripe blueberries, so they're good for you -- taste real good, too! let's whip up a sample. or just try this. [ chuckles ]
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7:55 am
b-s five... i'm grace lee. a manhunt continues this morning in the moraga area... for wh and good morning, 7:55. let's look at the headlines. i'm frank mallicoat. >> a manhunt continues this morning in the moraga area for whoever fired a gun at a regional park district police officer. that officer was not hit. he returned fire. an armored car was actually sent in to rescue him yesterday evening. the search was suspended at darkness. they continue to search this morning. pleasant hill police officers have voted down the latest contract offer from the city. at issue, contributions for health insurance and retirement benefits. and major cuts could be ahead for the east contra costa fire district. like many, it is facing budget deficits of $3 million. potential cuts include reducing its firefighting grew 48 to 23 and closing half of its
7:56 am
remaining fire stations. that's on the docket. the district covers brentwood, oakley, discovery bay, byron and bethel island. traffic and weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. we have one accident out there, northbound 101 approaching hellyer avenue. it sounds like one lane is blocked so there is some slowing just behind it. now, if you want to use 280 as
7:58 am
an alternate, it's pretty heavy traffic here as well heading out of downtown san jose. you can see it's pretty sluggish past the 880 highway 17 interchange. 880 in the last five-minutes or so we are seeing a few brake lights in the northbound lanes past the coliseum. time now 21 minutes between 238 to the macarthur maze. southbound looks okay until you reach closer to hayward. then it starts to get sluggish through there. mass transit though problem- free. everything is on time. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> elizabeth, we have a few more low clouds and fog around the bay area this morning. not as thick as yesterday. out toward the dublin area, skies are breaking up. we are going to see more sunshine as we head in toward the afternoon. looks like warmer temperatures ahead. numbers this afternoon, mid-80s in the hottest spots well inland, a lot of 60s inside the bay. 70s to the santa clara valley, patchy fog continuing at the coast even in the afternoon 50s and 60s there. next few days though high pressure strengthens. temperatures going to start to warm up as we compress that marine layer.
7:59 am
that means even some 90s into thursday and friday. ,,,, ♪ [ female announcer ] you never stop improving your recipe. we never stop improving ours. we've added a touch of philly cream cheese to kraft natural shredded cheese, which adds a touch of creamy to any dish. kraft touch of philly.
8:00 am
i can't allow the american people to become c can't allow the american people to become collateral damage to washington's political warfare. >> the united states cannot default on its debt obligations. the jobs and savings of too many americans are at stake. >> it may sound in some ways like the president and speaker boehner want the same thing. this morning, though, actually getting to some place, isn't easy. they're very far apart on a deal to raise the country's debt limit. >> that doesn't put you in a great mood this morning. like a thanksgiving dinner. you got two relatives. no matter what you say, they're never going to agree. >> but you have to invite them both. >> neither one is assured of getting enough votes.
8:01 am
a grand compromise not happening right now. time is running out. >> clock is a-ticking. in his speech last night president obama said the entire world is watching this debt ceiling debate. and added it looks as though the whole world is tweeting about it, too, if you do a little proving of twitter. jim axelrod reports on the great outrage over the stalemate in washington. >> so this past saturday night jeff jarvis had just about enough. >> i'm watching the evening news, i'm seeing the latest on the debt crisis, i'm getting mad. i go back to twitter. >> a journalism professor with 75,000 twitter followers, jarvis put out a message in plain, though offcolor, language. >> hey, washington it's our money, so [ bleep ] you. >> like the angry anchorman from the 1976 movie "network." >> i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this any more.
8:02 am
>> jarvis touched a nerve of outrage. [ bleep ] you washington for having the compromising skills of a 3-year-old. or for enslaving all future generations with the largest debt in human history. there were 64,000 tweets on monday alone. >> one tweert jeff howe said there was a large pile of dry tinder and all i did was throw a match on it. people were mad about washington, they're mad about this current so-called crisis and they just wanted to get it off their chest. >> in the latest cbs news poll, 79% of americans are angry or dissatisfied with washington. more blame republicans than the president. it is out rage spreading to the borders. modern technology has clearly made it easier than ever for people to express themselves. >> the beauty of this is that you can hear the voice of the country not mediated by media or by government or anybody else.
8:03 am
real people were talking and saying what they wished government would do that it's not doing. >> even if you still have to read all about it. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. and what is at stake here. one of the partisan think tanks says the treasury will collect $172 billion of revenue in august which is short of the payments the government is scheduled to make in august. a very uplifting story this morning. >> thank you very much. in the last six years biloxi, mississippi, has suffered one setback after another, from hurricane katrina to the bp oil spill. this year no more biloxi blues. things are finally looking up. mark strassmann got a firsthand look. >> reporter: you remember this. rising steel, construction workers, dreams backed by money. before the recession took both away. in biloxi, you can see it all
8:04 am
over again. finally brett's family is rebuilding sharkheads, a third generation souvenir shop and landmark here. katrina took their main store in 2005 along with 90% of biloxi's beach property. they've survived with one smaller store but hope to thrive in their new construction. 27,000 square feet of retail space. >> now we're going in full force trying to get open for march of 2012. >> reporter: suddenly biloxi has what so many american communities want a new building boom. dozens of ongoing projects with more developers applying for building permits every week. it's not the number of projects here that's striking. it's their size and value. roughly $300 million worth since late last year. that's almost triple the value of new construction biloxi had seen next year during the recession. >> this is what we really
8:05 am
needed. >> reporter: the community development director here showed us biloxi's new project, margaritaville, jimmy buffett's vision for a $44 million restaurant and casino. but there's more. >> we have a little bit of everything. we have restaurant, retail, superwalmart under construction. it all adds up. >> reporter: local leaders hope it all adds up to something else -- jobs. margaritaville alone is expected to create up to 650 jobs. good news for a city battling a 9.3 unemployment rate. >> i think the lending has eased up in the last year. >> reporter: during the recession, banks toughened credit requirements. those purse strings are finally loosening. >> they have the funding approved before they even come into our office. that's the biggest difference between this year and last year. >> reporter: an overdue break in a community bat erd by bad luck.
8:06 am
katrina, a recession and the bp spill. people's confidence is back. a bit of the old swagger. >> boom, boom, right after another. we feel like america's on the uptick now and we feel like it's a good time to go ahead and start our project. >> reporter: people here sense just maybe they're on a roll again. mark strassmann, cbs news, biloxi, mississippi. joining us now from jackson t state capital, is haley barbour. governor, good morning. >> thanks, chris. glad to be here. >> that swagger that biloxi is getting back right now. we talk about it, this gulf coast city that's been battered by katrina, the recession and the oil spill. i want to show you a graphic of the money investors are pouring in since katrina. 117 million into residential construction, 716 million into commercial construction. what do you think accounts for the surge of this rebuilding in this area? >> i thought jerry said it well,
8:07 am
the money is loosening up a bit. biloxi had other issues. right after katrina, which utterly obliterated the beach, first, they had to rebuild u.s. 90, beach boulevard, we called it. in doing so, all of the water and sewer which had been located in the right of way just north of the highway, well, the highway got moved as far north as possible for obvious reasons, so then they had to move all the water to sewer. they had complications, federal issues about what the federal government would allow them to do. so they were a little slower than other communities right after katrina. then you mentioned the recession. then the oil spill, while it wasn't an environmental disaster for mississippi's gulf coast because we were cleaning up the oil we got every day when it got here, it was a huge economic disaster because it crushed our tourism business. and biloxi is a wonderful world class destination resort and it paid the price.
8:08 am
>> are you surprised that it made the comeback there with all you talked about there, sounds like a lot for one city to take? >> i'm not surprised at all. i watched the people of mississippi after katrina, and they're strong, tough, self-reliant type of people and a lot of people down there would say that biloxi actually came back a little bit more slowly because it had issues other places didn't, but it's blowing and going now. >> a little reticent about coming back to the area with the quote -- it just seems as though you've been hit with bad luck down there the last six years. >> insurance. insurance against the mega disaster is something that you get from the federal government, from flood insurance, and those issues had a lot of effect on people, particularly the first couple of years after katrina, but all along the coast. that was an impediment. as people got their insurance issues straightened out, then you got into 2007 and '08 the
8:09 am
beginning of a serious recession that's still hurt something places, by the way. >> you got this boom now in construction like we've mentioned but your unemployment rate, which mark mentioned in his piece briefly, 9.3%, which is above the national average. what's the disconnect there, with all the new jobs being created and all this constructi construction but you still have this high unemployment rate. >> three counties on the gulf coast. biloxi is in harrison county, the others are jefferson and hancock. both have higher unemployment today than they did at the time of katrina. harrison has lower unemployment than at the time of katrina. fewer people working. the gaming industry has not come back as fast and as strong, and that's not unique to mississippi. if you look at las vegas, atlantic city and other places. so gaming doesn't employ as many people. statewide, we're about 2% below record employment. so we still push it to try to get back to the record we set in 2008. >> governor, good to talk to you
8:10 am
this morning. >> thank you, chris. >> governor haley barbour, mississippi. >> i spent a lot of time in biloxi after katrina. so nice to see it coming back. because the devastation was incredible. but the people were phenomenal. betty nguyen is sitting in for jeff glor. she has another check of the headlines. >> good morning. and good morning to you. a new analysis of census data out this morning shows the recession caused a sharp decline in wealth for most americans that hispanics were hit the hardest. the media net wealth of hispanic americans dropped by 66%. it dropped 54% for asians. 53% for blacks and 16% for whites. chrysler had a bad second quarter. the automaker posted its second quarter earnings this morning reporting a $370 million loss. but chrysler says it would have turned a profit if it hadn't had
8:11 am
to pay back the government bailout loans. the lawyer for anders breivik who confessed to the mass killings in norway said today he believes his client is insane. despite his confession, breivik has pleaded not guilty in the deaths of at least 76 people. breivik's lawyer says he claims to have had contacts with other secret terror cells. >> sorry that it was necessary but it was necessary, he says. he talks about two cells and all that. and several cells abroad. >> send signals to him. >> despite breivik's claim there were other terror cells police believe he acted alone in the friday attacks. outside the main cathedral in oslo today flowers, flags and candles fill the streets. eight people are known dead in the car bombing there on friday. but today norway's justice minister said some employees from his department are still
8:12 am
missing. memorials to the dead have also sprung up at the lake where at least 68 people were shot to death at an island campground. the island is closed as police continue their investigation. in other news, a private funeral is being held in north london today for amy winehouse. only family and close friends were invited. the grammy winning singer was found dead last week. the cause of death has not yet been determined, but she had a history of drug and alcohol abuse. bob schieffer has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> the debt limit debate is still a heated standoff. we'll show you how some congressmen who are pushing for spending cuts are still putting millions of your tax dollars
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> this weather report sponsored by splenda, nos calorie sweetener. it's sweet this weather report brought to you by splenda low calorie sweetener. >> why don't we play scrabble at work later you and me. why you eat a healthier diet if you had to pay a big tax on the not so healthy things like french fries? nutrition experts tell us why they think taxing junk food would not only help save money but help everyone eat and live better. re healthy. like new splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweeteners. this bof strawberries is loaded with vitamin c. and now, b vitamins to boot. coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to. like french fries. or b vitamins in every packet. same great taste with an added "way to go, me" feeling.
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8:18 am
would have to pay too much and people should have the right to eat what they want when they want. cbs news correspondent michelle miller has more. >> what is that? >> cheeseburger. >> reporter: for the nation that created cheap fast food we are paying a hefty toll. >> chips, pretzels, big cheeseburgers loaded with saturated fat and calories. >> reporter: when it comes to what we eat, many americans are making bad choices. >> soft drinks have been treated like water. like it's part of the average meal. >> reporter: poor consumers are often priced out of healthier options because fresher foods cost more. with the percentage of obese adults doubling in the past 30 years and the percentage of obese children tripling, the annual health care cost of obesity soared to over $100 billion. >> we ought to start discouraging the consumption of junk food, soda and hyper processed foods the way we
8:19 am
discouraged smoking. >> reporter: some industry experts including mark bittman thinks soda and junk foods should be taxed like cigarettes. >> the way we discouraged smoking and continue to discourage smoking is we tax cigarettes a lot in some states, and we force the tobacco companies to contribute money to anti-smoking programs. now if we taxed soda and junk food similarly and began a huge public health campaign that said this is the way we ought to eat, we might see similar results. >> reporter: according to yale's red center a national penny per ounce on sweetened beverages would generate $13 billion a year in tax revenues. call it a junk food tax and whole foods subsidy. raise the price of foods high in fat, calories and preservatives and drop the cost of fresh vegetables, fruits and other organic perishables. how much did you pay for the
8:20 am
chips. >> a dollar. >> reporter: if they were $2 more would you still buy them? >> no. they would be too expensive for a snack. >> reporter: some say a new tax is the last thing we need. it could mean a healthier america. >> that's a healthy lunch. >> reporter: michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> one columbia university study estimates one penny on every ounce of sweet beverages would save $13 billion in health care costs over the next decade. still ahead a look at places to retire on a budget. we are talking low costs, high quality living. we'll tell you where to find it. this is "the early show" on cbs. ♪ i found a new love a natural true love ♪ ♪ that comes from a little green leaf ♪ ♪ zero-calorie, guilt-free no artificiality ♪ ♪ my skinny jeans zipped in relief ♪ [ announcer ] truvia. honestly sweet.
8:21 am
8:22 am
this morning emergency crews in alaska who rescued seven teenagers after a bear attack are praising the teens for
8:23 am
looking after one another. >> they say the wildern,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
continues for two suspects who used high- powered rifles to fi good morning. i'm grace lee with your news headlines. a manhunt continues for two suspects who used high-powered rifles to fire at an east bay park ranger. a response team used an armored vehicle to rescue him. he was not hurt. but this happened last night near the upper san leandro reservoir. police say the shooters may have been protecting a marijuana farm. police are looking for whoever shot a 40-year-old woman here in san francisco. the victim was walking home along francisco street around 9:30 last night when she heard rapid gunshots and realized she was shot in the back. she is expected to survive. the two men charged with severely beating bryan stow are also being investigated for assault on three other san francisco giants fans. louie sanchez and marvin norwood of san bernardino
8:26 am
county appeared in a los angeles courtroom. their arraignment was continued until next month. traffic and weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
[ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. good morning. well, the drive through livermore got extra slow. we have an accident westbound 580 approaching airway boulevard.
8:28 am
one lane is blocked. we can see a line of red traffic sensors just behind it, growing the drive time to 31 minutes now on westbound 580 from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. you're going to find extra slow sensors approaching hopyard, as well. to the peninsula and we can see live look at southbound traffic approaching third and bayshore. it's a pretty congested ride in the southbound lanes. northbound traffic looks okay now heading towards san francisco. but if you are heading to san francisco, to the bay bridge, you are backed up to the 880 overcrossing to get you through the pay gates. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> elizabeth, we have plenty of low clouds and fog out there this morning, although not as much as yesterday. still, it is gray at the beaches. we have seen a little bit of drizzle out there, as well. looks like we are going to watch things break up. 50s and 60s, gray at the beaches. plenty of sunshine inland this afternoon, 70s and mid-80s. 60s inside the bay. 70s at the santa clara valley. warmer weather on the horizon. warming up tomorrow. 90s by thursday and friday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "the early show." chris wragge along with erica hill who is back from a successful week and a day off, not that i was counting. >> not that you were counting. it was successful. >> good to have you back. >> thanks. >> the oldest baby boomers are turning 65. many plan to stay where they have been for years. others will have to return to communities that are more
8:31 am
affordable. not retirement homes. i'm sorry, mom and dad. coming up, we look at a new list of the best retirement places around the country. if you're watching your budget, you can find them from maine to oklahoma to washington state. >> what's nice about the communities we'll highlight for you is they are affordable if you want to retire but they don't feel like you are giving anything up. you could be gaining something. also ahead, how about a little noodling? not canoodling. noodling. >> early for that. >> basically it's grabbing a catfish with your bare hands. it was illegal in texas. someone said, you know what? we need to do this. who better to try it out than tyler mcgill. superman makes his way to a noodling adventure in texas. >> looks fun. can't wait to get to that. first we are hearing more from a group of teenagers attacked by a bear in the alaska wilderness. one victim said they made a mistake. they ran instead of playing dead
8:32 am
as they were told. he also said they were sure they were going to die. for seven teenagers a hike through alaska's backcountry was supposed sto be the adventure of a lifetime but soon it turned into a nightmare. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: noah was second in line as the campers crossed a stream single file. suddenly a startled grizzly bear attacked the first in line as the others ran. the bear chased them, mauling four people. and the bear bit my side. >> reporter: sam was one of the most seriously injured. >> i looked behind me and the bear was behind me. so i started running down the hill. it tackled me on the way down. it was running between the four i thought i was going to die when i was being attacked. i was so scared. >> reporter: shane garlock wasn't hurt but is haunted by what he witnessed. >> the screaming that i could hear from my friends and the growls from the bear which were loud and deep and then the
8:33 am
screaming was just helpless screaming. i can hear it in my head. >> reporter: the attack happened north of anchorage. the students on a survival course with an outdoor leadership school earned the privilege to test their skills without a guide. >> i don't think we would have made it through the night if we hadn't received the wilderness first aid we had. >> reporter: they say worse than the attack was the nearly 8-hour wait to be rescued. >> the chaos, disbelief and confusion going on really was overwhelming to handle. >> reporter: the young men set up tents and treated the injured students' wounds. . one fashioned a tourniquet from a garbage bag and ace bandage. >> you're watching your buddies go through serious trauma. the only thing you can do is try >> reporter: for the seven campers that are night in the alaskan wilderness became the ultimate survival test. >> we have been through
8:34 am
something i don't think anybody can say they have been through. we have a connection that goes beyond words. >> lucky, i guess. >> whoa. >> do you want to call it lucky? >> they survived the attack. >> that's just it and they knew -- they made the mistake of not playing dead. a bear is coming at you? how many people will drop to the ground and play dead? >> yeah. >> they were able to take care of one another and wait it out. >> says a lot about the character of the kids. not bad. two of the students are still hospitalized. one is in serious condition. the other is in good condition. hopefully we'll get good updates on that. >> betty nguyen has another look at the headlines. good morning. >> good morning. in new york this morning the new head of the international monetary fund christine lagarde warned that failure t
8:35 am
governments that have actually, as i said, put money where their mouth was. >> lagarde made it clear to democrats and republicans in washington that there will be a negative impact on the rest of the global economy as there is no agreement on raising the u.s. debt ceiling. in the next 14 months, seven of the world's 20 best-selling drugs will become available in generic form. that's real pain relief for consumers but not for the companies that developed the drugs. >> prescription celebrex -- >> reporter: drug companies spent billions building up their most popular pills. >> one pill a day, every day can reduce pain. >> reporter: now many drug patents are expiring aloug some of the biggest brand names to be p swallowed up by generic competitors. >> once they go generic, the prices are very low.
8:36 am
>> reporter: that's good news for marvelene bickerstaff. she takes nine different medications and it's not cheap. >> at least $200 a month. that's why i still work. i'm 74 years old now. >> reporter: her diabetes drug byetta costs $75 a month. she begs her doctor for samples to cut costs. it and others will be offered in generic versions. two of the biggest to go generic, lipitor in november and blood thinner plavix in may, 2012. generic drugs cost 20% to 80% less than brand names. so pharmaceutical company profits are expected to plunge. it's hard to feel sorry for big drug companies but a portion of the massive profits goes into creating new drugs. with less money coming in they could cut back on innovation and jobs. for marvelene bickerstaff, the
8:37 am
savings could be $50 a month. >> that's lunch money for two or three if you're still working. >> reporter: working to pay for her medication. >> what can you call this but holy toledo? in south toledo, ohio there is ivy growing wild and some say this particular clump has taken the shape of jesus. it appears to have a head and an arm that partially stretches d? >> that's not marysol. >> no. >> hey! >> divine intervention there. what's going on? >> i don't
8:38 am
that's your latest weather.
8:39 am
erica? >> thanks. a new study shows most baby boomers haven't thought about where they want to live when they retire. aarp the magazine has done research and is out with a list of the most affordable and most desirable retirement locations across the country. joining us to go through them, carmen wong ulrich, author of "the real cost of living." it's been too long. >> good to be here. >> what did aarp use as the criteria? >> affordable doesn't mean you always want to live there but it means low state taxes. low unemployment and low foreclosure rates. you want a vibrant community. we look to climate because it's cheaper when colder. they look to culture. >> they found plenty of places across the country. we'll start in winchester, virginia. what makes it desirable? >> 75 miles from d.c. if you're an american history
8:40 am
buff this place is loaded with american war history and has low median housing prices. very partial taxes on pension. no social security tax and the sales and property tax rates really some of the lowest on the list around 5%. >> plenty to do. portland, maine, beautiful area. >> beautiful. >> lots of lobster. >> it's gorgeous. if you're a foodie this may be heaven. forbes voted portland the number one most livable small city in america in 2009. the median housing price is higher. there is a trade-off here. there is social security tax. the property tax rate is high but you're making a trade with the great local cuisine and activities. lots to do. >> and naturewise it's gorgeous. you can get a lot of places from portland. >> it's the business and retail capital of maine. >> i like maine. also on the list, tulsa, oklahoma. >> this is a surprise. it's a small city. but incredible living
8:41 am
conditions. the median home price is so low. $125,000. >> wow. >> look at the sales tax rate and property tax rate. very low. did you know it's not just city? 125 parks. 109 tennis courts. >> my goodness. >> there is a lot to do in tulsa and a great arts community. >> gainesville, georgia. what makes it spectacular? >> they have 8 million visitors a year. tremendous. it's beautiful. manmade lakes, lots of wildlife. median housing price really low. you see the sales and property tax rate. still moderate. 50 miles from atlanta. so if you want to go to the city you have the option. >> from atlanta you can get to anywhere from that airport. we saved the best for last. in washington, wanatchee. i love saying that. >> it was a neverending pool of things to do. if you like to retire on a lawn chair this is not the place for
8:42 am
you. lots of activity. median housing price is a little bit higher. but there is so much to do. we have rodeo festivals, car shows, mariachi festival, boating, racing, hiking. if you want to do anything outdoors, 300 days of sunshine. >> really? sign a girl up, even before retirement. carmen, great to have you here. >> thanks, erica. >> this morning more same-sex couples are rushing to the altar in new york. 45 couples said their "i do" in niagara falls. sunday, day one of gay marriage in the state we found one of the city's top wedding photographers donating time and talent at new york's city hall. this is great. the women up there? that's awesome. and a bride online. oh, my goodness. i have been photographing weddings and parties for years. there isn't any place in the
8:43 am
world i would rather be than here at city hall with these couples literally coming out and sharing their love of the world in new york. >> thank you. >> my husband made this. >> i love it. >> i'm thrilled to be here. thank you so much. awesome. >> today we followed and photographed two incredible couples. >> i love new york! >> we don't want to wait a minute more. not a minute more than we have to already. >> robin and sarah are a unique couple. they were here with their children, their family and relatives. ♪ >> we are here today to celebrate the love these two women have for each other. >> i promise to keep you close and be your home. >> really fun to write our vows
8:44 am
and get to say them. >> i now pronounce you married people. please share a kiss. [ cheers and applause ] >> we have a couple that both wore kilts and are both scottish. >> it's our 7-year anniversary. we wanted to do something amazing, something special. we really wanted to be part of this historic day. >> there were tears brewing out of each of the gentleman's eyes being in the room with a judge and their loved ones was just spectacular. it gave me goose bumps. [ cheers and applause ] >> today has been so amazing. so high energy. just an honor to be a part of history. >> after over 20 years of
8:45 am
shooting weddings, yeeha. >> in our eyes, that piece of paper validates our love for each other. [ applause ] >> congratulations to all the happy couples. up next, does this sound like fun? catching a huge biting fish with your hands? it's a sport in some places. tyler mcgill reeled in the story which you do not want to miss. that's next here on cbs. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
8:46 am
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8:47 am
ever tried noodling? >> nope. >> me neither. it's fishing where you don't use any equipment but your bare hands. >> right. >> and it's dangerous. which is why we sent tyler mcgill out there to give it a shot. what's up there, big fellow? >> how you doing? >> your middle name is danger. >> we love you. >> there are people who find traditional rod and reel fishing
8:48 am
boring. they prefer to be in the water, face to face with a catfish. seemed nuts to me. we went to texas where noodling was legalized to see what the sport is all about. ♪ >> my name is louis and i'm 42 from austin, texas. >> you won't have trouble in this hole. >> brady nelson, i'm 30. i have been noodling 16 years. >> i have been fishing since i was 12 years old. ♪ >> reporter: 40 miles east of dallas on a murky texas lake, we set out with a group of fishermen to experience noodling. >> noodling is catching fish with your hands. you work up your courage to stick your hand into that fish residence and coax him to bite you. >> you can see it's kind of
8:49 am
sandpapery. >> i got bit. i have been hooked ever since. >> grab him as tight as you can under there. if it's a big fish you put both hands in its mouth. >> reporter: some people think you have to be a man to noodle. >> what do you recommend. >> no brain. >> reporter: others say you have to be stupid. >> ow! >> i have done a lot of crazy stuff. i don't think i will stick my hand up in a fish's mouth. >> reporter: for the few who do it is not just a sport. it's a passion. >> i have been around the world, done a lot of hunting and fishing. been chased by lions and elephants. i don't think anything creates the level of excitement as wrestling these fish. >> reporter: until recently, noodling was outlawed in texas. >> before it was legal it was a covert activity. you would go out at night, wait for all the other fishermen to be off the lake. >> a little night noodling.
8:50 am
it's fun not having to look over your shoulder. >> reporter: opponents say grabbing catfish would deplete the fish population. fans of the sport argue it's different from another form of fishing or hunting. >> you hunt turkey, deer during breeding. the fishing is best during spawn for crappy and bass. >> reporter: so brady fought for the sport to be legalized and he won. we were there for his first legal hand-caught catfish. >> first legal fish. not one to write home about for his size, but the momentousness of the occasion is big for me. >> i got him! >> reporter: on our day it was the smallest guy who caught the biggest fish. a solid 40-pounder.
8:51 am
♪ >> reporter: everyone agrees it's a team effort with good reason. >> go straight down the middle and you should be able to feel him. >> there is a little bit of a danger element when you're hand fishing. >> pull him up. >> it's spooky because there are turtles, snakes. >> you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy to grab a poisonous snake in his environment. >> reporter: after noodling my first catfish -- >> yeah! >> reporter: it's easy to understand why the risks and pain are worth it. >> i got him. >> reporter: it's you and the fish. you have no weapons, the fish has no weapons. sometimes you win. sometimes you lose. that's about everything in life. >> reporter: it's about as awe ten tick -- authentic american
8:52 am
tradition you can get. >> from everybody on a crackberry all day to go down to the bare essentials of what we are and interact with mother nature. >> he has a shoe in his mouth. >> and have the thrill of the wrestling match with the fish, that's a beautiful thing. >> powwwow. did you realize the momentousness of the occasion? >> it was big for those guys. they have been doing it covertly. it's scary during the day. you have no idea what's in there. >> at night, the water's murky. you have serious war wounds. you're still recovering. we saw at the end of the piece there. >> basically when you get in, especially a big one, it cuts up your hand. i got my elbow infected and scarred my arm. when they hit you, they will cut. then you're in water and it's not the most sanitary conditions where the catfish are living.
8:53 am
>> you're a trooper. >> the best part? he said he'l,, it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months.
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we're taking it further. ♪ mallicoat, with your c-b-s five headlines... president obama is appealing for compromise, but there's no sign of resolution in the debt limit debate. ho good morning, it's 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat with your cbs 5 headlines. president obama appealing for compromise but there is no sign of resolution in that debt limit debate. house speaker john boehner's proposal for a short-term extension could coming up for a vote tomorrow in the senate majority leader harry reid disagrees. today the postal service released a list of more than 3600 00 branches that could be closed, more than 1/10th of its retail office. they lost $8 billion last year. president obama has greeted the world series champion giants yesterday test white house yesterday. giants great willie mays who was 23 when the giants last won
8:56 am
the world series in 1954 was on hand. brian wilson was wearing a conservative pinstripe suit. traffic and weather coming right up. stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. we still have a couple of really slow spots out there including westbound 580 out of the altamont pass. this accident just cleared out of lanes. check the speeds behind it. very slow right now through livermore. in fact your drive time is up to 51 minutes now from 205 out towards 680 and the dublin interchange. so westbound 580 that commute still backed up. a bike versus car accident san tomas expressway by payne avenue, two lanes blocked. that's your traffic. for your forecast here's lawrence. >> we are looking at patchy fog around the bay area, trying to break things up right now. you can see as we look toward the east bay, clouds breaking up a little bit. we are going to see more sunshine and comfortable numbers. warm in spots inland today. mid-80s in the hottest spots inland. you're still talking 60s inside the bay, 70s towards the santa clara valley and 50s and 60s at the coast. high pressure will strengthen in the next few days.
8:59 am
return of 90s on thursday and friday inland. ,, ,,,,,,
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